At Trilogy our job is to help you with the road map and the plan to do what you want to do. Your job is to follow the road map the best that you can.

At Trilogy, there is rarely a bad goal.

We have folks that want to get better at a sport, drop some weight, gain some weight, run a 5k – 10k – or even marathons, run faster, jump higher, lift heavier, get up off the floor pain free and everything in between. Each of these goals is equally important because each person is on their own journey and in their own place. It is however important to also remember, are our actions and expectations lined up with our goals and our efforts?

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We want to make sure that our efforts and our actions are fit for the goals. When we take a couple of the goals listed above we can make sure that expectations and actions are lined up.  If we want to drop some weight but we also don’t workout consistently or make any nutrition or lifestyle adjustments…we likely won’t be successful. Same goes when we want to run a 5k but don’t train for it…we likely won’t be successful.

When we break down the goals and a few habits it may look like this:

Run a 5k:

  • Make sure we get several days of cardio a week and a couple of lifts a week.
  • Increase our food intake to make sure that we can recover from all of the extra work.
  • Manage a slightly increased appetite due to the extra work.
  • Make time for some weekly soft tissue work and mobility.

Drop 5 pounds:

  • Find consistent strategies to reduce our calorie intake.
  • Make time for a few strength workouts and daily walks every week.
  • Live with more delayed gratification and live with a little more restraint and focusing on slow progress.
  • Learn strategies to improve your environment to make your decisions easier.

Get Stronger – deadlift 200 pounds:

  • Make time for several weekly workouts.
  • Progress your workouts and exercises and get a lot of consistency hitting the same movement patterns frequently.
  • Eat for the goals and improve consistency of your calorie intake.
  • Make time for weekly mobility work and soft tissue work.

If we take each of these goals and either turn the dial down or turn the dial up they can accomplish goals for just about any person inside of the gym. If we dial them up…drop some weight to get a 6-pack…we need to make sure that our habits, efforts, and consistency also get dialed up. When we elevate the goal, our efforts and everything in between need to be turned up to match our desired outcome.

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Dial the goal up, get a 6-pack:

  • We need to become VERY consistent with our nutrition and calorie count and remove some of the flexibility in our day to day.
  • We will need to sacrifice a little more enjoyment and show more restraint in things like alcohol, eating out and other social endeavors.
  • Our efforts in the gym need to be amplified and we likely need to start including a little bit more cardio with an even bigger focus on a couple extra workouts during the week.

Dial the goal up, run a marathon:

  • Our mileage and time commitment to our cardio goal increases. We will eventually spend a few hours every Saturday or Sunday on a long run and several hours throughout the week.
  • We will need to maintain strength work and keep up with a couple strength workouts each week.
  • Appetite will increase and we will need to simultaneously increase calories to recover and perform without over-indulging.
  • Increased time spent on soft tissue work and mobility work.
Or crazier like Jill and we can do Ironmans!

Or crazier like Jill and we can do Ironmans!

Now when it comes to what you should do, we think that you should stretch yourself and try to accomplish as much as you can. You should try because you can do it and you owe it to yourself to do as much as possible. The fun part is though, it doesn’t matter what WE or anybody else thinks!

When you look at your goals; are the actions, habits and decisions in line with what you want to do?

Keep your expectations in line with the goals and the decisions you are making. There are no wrong answers – just have fun and kick some butt.

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