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At Trilogy Fitness Systems, we believe that it is your journey in fitness. We work with you to help develop the most fit version of you we can make. Our certified personal trainers prioritize constant continued fitness education leading to the best possible fitness programs and training experience for you! Our goal is to meet you where you are so you can make progress in a fun and safe way. Imagine carrying all of the groceries in one hand without thinking about it, wrestling with your kids, taking the big hiking trip, and going confidently into any adventure life may bring you.

We take fitness seriously without taking ourselves too seriously! You get the expert guidance, training, support, and environment you need to thrive.


Matt Kasee is a certified personal trainer since 2011 and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist since 2012. Matt is MS, CSCS, PES, CPT, PNI certified and the owner of Trilogy Fitness Systems. His interest in fitness started young: he was a self-described nerdy, scrawny kid with a love of superheroes and professional wrestling. He looked up to his grandpa, too, who had polio but had incredible upper body strength, which helped him move and function in daily life. Then, after a hand injury and not quite fitting in as a kid, he started lifting weights and going through physical therapy for his hand on two separate occasions. This sparked a curiosity about the body and how it works. In his journey to become as “strong and beefy” as possible, after graduating from St. Xavier High School, he studied Sports & Biomechanics at the University of Cincinnati and a Master’s in Sports Studies at Miami University.

During internships with elite coaches at St. Xavier, Xavier University and Miami University, Matt realized that there aren’t a lot of trainers that focus on systematic and periodized training. In other words, there was no good training for “normal people”: people who just wanted to keep themselves strong, healthy, resilient and injury-free.

Trilogy has trained clients from ages 11-80, from youth athletes and college athletes to beginners and weekend warriors to a 70-year-old with double knee replacements. They are moms, marketers, lawyers, doctors, designers, but everyone wants to perform well and have fun.

Matt is often the punching bag for clients, who love to tease him about his nerdiness, sweet dance moves, and his 2019 record for most dumplings eaten at Kung Food Chu’s Amerasia. He lives in Hyde Park with his dog (and Trilogy Director of Human Resources and Client Relations), Lilly.

Favorite thing to do outside the gym: movies, comics, curating a minor toy collection.

Favorite food: Graeter’s Strawberry Chip

Favorite Toy: Savi’s Workshop Lightsaber from Disney World

Helen Cain is a NASM certified personal trainer, west side native and graduate of Clark Montessori. She leads the women’s group, the Sunday Walking group, and has been training Trilogy Fitness Clients since 2016. She also specializes in nutrition and is Precision Nutrition certified.

Helen is our kettlebell queen, who set the kettlebell record for biathalon at the Arnold Classic, jerking 131 times and snatching 120 times in 10 minutes with a 16 kg kettlebell in the 140 pound female weight class, and also competed in Ireland as a member of Team USA in 2016. Helen lives in St. Bernard with her dog Arrow.

Favorite thing to do outside the gym: cooking, baking, hiking, biking and using her “hippie powers”.

Favorite food: dolsot bibimbap and cheesecake

Favorite toy: Helen is the grownup of Trilogy, and therefore doesn’t have one.

ZachCPT, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, CFSC, PN1
Zachary is known as Minion Number 3 around these parts!

Zach can be spotted meandering around the gym and keeping a watchful and thoughtful eye on all of the lifts in the gym. We love why he loves training, “I get to help people be healthy and not be in pain anymore.” Zach started in the world of finance before doing a career shift and pursuing his love and passion – FITNESS! Most importantly, bringing fitness into the lives of people around him.

Favorite Exercise: Deadlifts

Favorite toy: Original Gameboy

Favorite movie: Zodiac (uh oh, looks like we have a cinephile here..or man crush on Jake Gyllenhal…or both?)

Halen is the resident speedster of Trilogy.

Halen went to the University of Cincinnati where he ran track and specialized in the 400m…rumor has it that he is nervous to race Matt…we can neither confirm nor deny! ;)

Halen loves training because…”I love seeing people push themselves and to see their reaction when they accomplish something they didn’t think they could do. It is so fun teaching people new things.

Favorite Exercise: Front Squat

Favorite toy: Black Suit Spider-Man

Favorite movie: Captain America: Civil War

Ebony is a badass Navy Veteran. They started off as one of Matt’s students during his stint as an adjunct. Ebony was a total rockstar and crushed it as his first pick for an intern. Ebony brings a fun and personable energy to the gym to help you crush all of your workouts. Not to mention a watchful eye to make sure you keep pushing yourself!

Favorite thing to do outside of gym: Coach softball

Favorite exercise: RDLs

Favorite food: Mac and cheese

Favorite movie: Liar Liar

Can be spotted hopping around on hikes and walks all over Cincinnati when she isn’t being the Frisbee loving, nap loving, ultra encouraging 3 legged office manager.

Favorite food: Greenies

Favorite toy: Frisbee

Favorite movie: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Francois LeBuff
Francois LeBuffPhD in Puppet Exercise Physiology
Francois is one of the world renowned puppet fitness experts and we are lucky to have him bring his expertise to Trilogy.

He brings years of experience and comes all the way from Marseille.

Favorite Exercise: Farmer’s Carry and long walks on the beach.

Favorite Restaurant in Cincinnati: Tie – Salazar and Abigail Street

Favorite Movie: The Last Jedi (Hot Take, it is a masterpiece.)

Favorite Toy: Autographed Undertaker Funko Pop


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