Personal Trainers are able to cater your workouts to your needs and adjust your workouts on the fly depending on how you are feeling that day. We are able to take the guess work out of your fitness and allow you to focus on what is really important…YOU!

Through a personal trainer you get to learn all of the tips and tricks to let fitness fit into your life. Life changes and chaos will inevitably ensue so having a personal trainer helps you navigate the uncertainty and find your strongest self!

Personal Trainers:

  • Will guide you, we won’t command you.
  • Put you and your goals first.
  • Focus you on the right things at the right times.
  • Properly and safely progress you through exercises.
  • Adjust workouts safely and routinely.
  • Keep you accountable and structured where you need it.
  • If you are lucky – have an amazing 3 legged dog as a mascot to greet you, wonderful dancing, hilarious jokes, make the gym super fun, not shame you when you decide to eat a cookie…Maybe that is just Trilogy ;).

Why Personal Training Matters

Personal training is important because we have an ocean of information all around us. You need to be able to navigate all of it and find out what is best for you. The best will also shift depending on where you are in life.

Personal Training Matters because…

  • At Trilogy, we have 15+ years of experience and a boat load of education to go with that to help guide you in the best direction at all times.
  • Exercises are hard to learn!
  • Motivation matters. Motivation will come and go all the time, having somebody encourage you when you are down enhances your experience and progress.
  • We are your accountabilabuddies at all times!
  • We can lend support in all aspects of your fitness journey: food, nutrition, recovery and mindset.
  • You are going to have questions! Rather than waste time that could be focused elsewhere – let us do the digging for you!
  • We can streamline your fitness and fit it into your life. Family, food, friends and life are important, personal trainers can help you improve the fitness side without sacrificing the rest.

What to Expect and How Working with a Personal Trainer at Trilogy Works:

Personal trainers will all have their different areas of expertise and levels of training but this is what you can expect when working with Trilogy Fitness Systems:

  • We will always start with a strategy session, this is just a sit down to make sure we know your history and what you want to accomplish. From there we will have a movement portion and start teaching you the basics of the exercises at Trilogy.
  • The first couple months, you will get a lot of information and a lot of opportunities to ask questions as you get your feet underneath you!
  • At Trilogy, we train in a semi-private training model, this means that:
  • Your training sessions will be structured and tracked. Each workout will follow a similar structure: Warm up – Strength – Accessory Lifts – Cardio.
  • Each workout will have a plan and since the entire staff follows the same system, we can deviate and adjust whenever we need to – safely, efficiently and properly.
  • There will probably be a super cute dog greeting you, sometimes loudly and lots of amazing music, like Carly Rae Jepsen, to keep you moving!
  • When working with a trainer at Trilogy – we will always check in on how you feel and monitor your movements to help you shift the workout to make you as successful as possible every day.
    • We have different coaches with different personalities but we all follow the same systems and the same programs, allowing you to get the benefit of multiple eyes on you!
  • You have a full plan ready for you at the gym and options for when you are away from us at home or while traveling.
  • We want your feedback! At Trilogy, you come first. Check ins will happen regularly and updates to workouts will happen regularly. This is your time to shine! Let us know how we are doing and what you want to do! Communication helps us all make each other better.

Trilogy is a wonderful group of people, if you are this far and that sounds fun…we want you to come party with us!