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You have goals from fat loss to muscle building and from post injury to athletics. It is vital to have the guidance of a personal trainer to help you on your journey. There are going to be bumps in the road and frustrations along the way. Here are 6 ways that Trilogy Fitness Systems is at the top of the physical fitness coaching game in Cincinnati and will help you kick some butt and take some names!

Tailored Personal Training Plans

  • You are properly assessed so that you have a personal training plan tailored to exactly what you want and need. We combine your wants, your needs and the data from your assessment so that your workouts will meet you exactly where you are. You receive a personalized workout plan, not a generic workout that everybody else is doing.
  • Exercises can be complicated! You will see different fads and techniques all over the place. We take the guesswork away from you and coach you on exactly how to do the right exercises for you.
  • ACCOUNTABILITY!!!!!! When you have an appointment with a personal trainer you show up. When you have people there to guide and push you, you push harder.
  • Mindset. Training. There are a lot of variables that you get to practice and improve on. You are coached through a proven system to improve your nutrition habits, your mindset and your fitness.
  • You are investing in your most important asset…yourself. At Trilogy, our mission is to build people up so that they can help build up those around them. Investing in yourself pays dividends in all areas of your life.
  • Trilogy is unlike any gym you have ever been too. We are different. We balance hard work with a lot of fun and levity in the gym making it the perfect place for a beginner or a seasoned exerciser in need of a change of pace. You will experience a thoughtful, caring and fun environment to really help you grow.

Personal Trainers Provide Structure and Accountability

Proper physical fitness coaching and personal training gives you the structure and the guidance to succeed and do more than you thought was possible!

Why wait? Try us out now and find out exactly what makes Trilogy Fitness Systems different.