We're Different - A Unique Gym Trilogy Fitness Systems
We're DiWe're Different - A Unique Gym Trilogy Fitness Systemsfferent

What makes Trilogy Fitness Systems different? We have a special gym environment designed to help you accomplish your goals and kick all kinds of butt! It isn’t like your normal gym – you will make progress, you will accomplish goals and gain confidence in yourself all while having a great time and actually WANTING to come to the gym. You might be asking…how is that even possible?

We’re Different Because The Training is different.

Trilogy will always meet you where you are. Personal training and coaching requires a focus on the entire individual form your mind to your body. Whether it is a fundraiser class or a training session, we can guarantee that the training will be catered to your needs and your body. We won’t just give you a cookie cutter workout and tell you to eat steamed veggies and dry chicken…I mean, where is the fun in that?

We help guide you and help push you along the way but nothing can be done without YOU. The training will push you and you will get stronger without sacrificing your longevity. We want you to get strong and feel good but also run around with your friends, kids or grandkids!

The Nutrition Approach is Different.

Our personal trainers teach you to focus on the right things and the why behind them. Just like on the training floor, the nutrition meets you where you are. You are the master of yourself and we just help with the tools to make you successful.

  • A sustainable approach to nutrition.
  • Find strategies to eat the foods you like for the long haul.
  • No fad diets, crash diets or quick fixes.

The Environment is Different.

We have a fun gym culture in the gym from the birthday song to the monthly championship belt awarded to the Badass of the Month! In the gym, there are people working on all kinds of goals from improving the big 3 powerlifting lifts to people just starting their fitness journey and everything in between.

The gym is a welcoming place and a place for all of us to improve ourselves. It is also supposed to be a fun place where some hard work is put in. We like to get strong and push you in the gym but we will also have a great time doing it with lots of laughs and high fives. One thing is for sure…Matt will always be the dorkiest person in the gym.

We are different because our focus is on you and helping you accomplish all of your goals whether it is to get stronger, lose some weight or just trying to feel and move better.