Individualized Small Group Training

Small Group Personal Training

Small group personal training is our specialty at Trilogy Fitness Systems! We get to balance out the precision and science of having a customized plan that fits you where you are while we have the fun, motivation and levity of a group environment.

In this format you will have a plan that can be customized to your needs but will work together with the amazing humans in the gym. This way you get to have the group camaraderie with the individualized approach. The gym is social environment where you get to discover your potential and accomplish all of your goals and what better way to do that then with the support of fun and friends around you.

Small Group Personal Training is the perfect mix of coaching and autonomy. The coaching is vital for teaching you how to do everything safely and properly. You get to really improve and make progress in the gym with solid coaching guiding you along the way. The autonomy comes into play by making you more confident in your abilities and the knowledge of your body. By balancing out coaching with autonomy your results will skyrocket. You will become more confident in what you are capable knowing that you have a guiding hand with you all while you make your way through the gym.

  • Personalized Training Plans!!! The plans are designed to meet you where you are.
  • They are a flexible road map – as your needs, goals and wants shift, the plans and exercises can shift and change for you.
  • Fun with Friends!
    • You get to meet and mix with people in the gym!
    • Extra accountability and enjoyment.
    • Motivation of working hard with other people working hard.

We are there for coaching and monitoring your exercises but you don’t need us to stand over your shoulder and count to 10 for you.