Trilogy Fitness Systems and methods rely on mastering the tried and true basics and aiming to become just 1% better every day.  In order to know where to start, we sit down for a full assessment to know where you will begin in your training and programing. Bonus: It lets us make sure we are friends and are in the right place for each other!

Once we know where you are starting, our certified personal trainers work WITH you to design a fitness, nutrition and training plan that will work for you.  Here is a little bit of what goes into our training programs:

  • Assessment: We start with a detailed assessment and strategy session so you can get to know us, and we can get to know you. We include a comprehensive movement assessment to address any physical issues you may have, as well as testing strength and flexibility.
  • Goal Setting: Do you know who knows you the best?….YOU!! The goal setting helps us plan together where you want to be a month, 6 months and even years from now.  We work with each other to help come up with goals for you to smash. We don’t just want you to just plan for the immediate future, but so you can continue to have a high quality of life now and into the future.
  • Individual Training Program Creation: There is no one size fits all. We are all in our own unique starting point.  Trilogy Fitness Systems’ certified personal trainers and coaches will work WITH you. You know your limitations, your capabilities and your goals.  Working together with the assessment and goal setting we can create a program just for you.
  • Nutrition Coaching: You are what you eat (which makes Matt a dumpling, apparently). Seriously, though, we know that a) food tastes good and b) that nutrition is 80% of any body composition changes you want to make. We’ll make sure that you have a program that works for you, and doesn’t deprive you of the delicious things you love — in moderation. We’ll even give you tips on going to the grocery store, how to eat out without blowing your nutrition plan, and snacks that will keep you energized and satiated.

Local to Cincinnati? This is the bread and butter of Trilogy Fitness Systems! Our certified personal trainers will work with a few people together but each individual has their own unique training program.

Our semi-private personal training lets us build up a wonderful sense of community, friendship and positivity in the gym.  You get to workout with fun, like-minded people who each have their own training program. Each training session will include a mobility and warm up portion, a strength portion and a cardio portion.

The small group, semi-private set up lets you sprinkle in a lot of accountability, friendship, laughs and fitness. We like to work hard and play hard! So our training is serious but we will have a good time doing it!


Don’t live in Cincinnati? No one’s perfect! We can apply our same program creation process to remote clients, plus we take into account the equipment you have access to to create a program you can do on your own. Don’t worry — we still hold you accountable and motivate you!


We want you to have fun in the gym and really enjoy the gym. We keep things fun with our question of the week, Badass of the Month, annual step competition, and group outings, like happy hours at local breweries and our Trilogy Supper Club where we meet up at fun restaurants around town. We like to give back too, and our annual Pounds and Pancakes event brings the gym together to support a local charity every year.

“Just a few months after starting at Trilogy Fitness, I got engaged and began the process of getting in “wedding shape”. Not only did Matt help with strength training, but he also provided a meal plan, which helped tremendously. It is not an exaggeration to say that I was in the best shape of my life; even more than that, I gained a confidence that I didn’t have previously.”

JEN NOYES, Oakley Accounting

“As a mental health professional, I have always known the importance of physical exercise for both your mental and physical health.  Matt has helped me set reasonable goals that I have been able to obtain and maintain.  He makes working out feel fun.  This is the best shape I have ever been in and I attribute that to Matt’s training abilities and overall fitness coaching!”


“As a former collegiate runner, I have never been able to give up my competitive edge!  I mentioned my interest in triathlons to Matt and he agreed to help me strength train in order to stay strong and injury-free throughout the extensive and intensive training process. I truly believe I was able to stay injury free due to the individual strength program Matt created for me!”



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