Online Fitness Coaching

So you don’t live in Cincinnati or you just need to revamp your training at the gym? Try online fitness coaching!

Online coaching can be a perfect fit for those who want the expert guidance of a personal trainer but don’t live near the gym or don’t have a consistent schedule and need to be on their own.  You get the same individualized personal training plan written up for you and accountability of a fitness coach.

With online fitness coaching you get monthly plans sent to you and check ins to make sure that you are sticking to the program and making progress where you need to make it.

Benefits of online coaching:

  • Freedom of the schedule! You get to workout whenever you want.
  • Expert physical fitness guidance to make sure you are doing the right things for your goals.
  • Personal training plan accountability!
  • Check ins for nutrition, exercise form and questions that pop up along your journey.

Whether it is in person or online, Trilogy Fitness Systems fitness coaching and personal training plans can help you kick butt and make all of your fitness goals a reality.