Gym Reopening

The gym reopening is the perfect opportunity for getting back into a normal routine!

The gym reopened at Trilogy Fitness Systems and been rocking for a couple weeks now. Our primary focus or reopening is making our gym a safe and welcoming environment for all of you fine people.

Take it from some of our favorite faces in the gym!

Jessica made her first return to ANYWHERE public at Trilogy! She is loving the new safety measures. As a bonus, we got the stamp of approval from her hubby, a physician!

Jill was a little bit concerned about training with the masks. She has found it pretty easy and we provide plenty of breaks for relief! She is also enjoying the individual training spaces.

When we were formulating our re-opening strategies, people like Carol, were our top priority. We had to make sure we cared for to the most vulnerable and the most concerned people in the gym. Carol feels totally safe and happy to be back. She loves that we have individual training areas with individual sanitizer and cleaning equipment.

Kelcey was most concerned how everybody else was going to follow the procedures. She loved how clearly communicated and well thought out the plan was and that everybody is chipping in together in the gym….COMMUNITY!!!

We love our Trilogy Community!! We hope you do to or want to be a part of this wonderful place with us. Thank you to all past, present and future badasses in and out of Trilogy.


Team Trilogy

Helen, Matt and Lilly