It is a stressful and wild time so we just want to give you a few quick reminders about your training to make sure you keep rocking it while we are stuck in this weird temporary normal.

Top 5 Quarantine Reminders

  • SCHEDULE!!! Just because we are in uncertain times doesn’t mean we have to make every day uncertain. The schedule will be your freedom. We may not be in the office but it doesn’t mean our life should totally fall into chaos.  Schedule in your work like normal, put in workouts, meals and walks.  Whatever you need to do, schedule it!
  • Beware of the snacks!!! We are just steps away from our kitchen almost 24/7 right now and for those with kids…we have lots of snacks at our finger tips. This one is a 2 parter:
    • First, it is okay to have some snacks!!  Give yourself some compassion, you don’t need to be harsh on yourself and add to the stresses.
    • Secondly, compassion isn’t a free pass to eat everything all day.  We have to have some structure, so be kind to yourself but also be aware that this trap is there.  If your goal is fat loss or weight loss, keep the goal the goal. Just know it may be a little slower right now!
  • Focus on what you can control and track your days – get plenty of sleep, fruits and vegetables. What activities and foods push you towards your goals?  Make a list and start small.  Do you need a workout, a daily salad, daily walk, daily meditation, protein at each meal?  Whatever your life and goals dictate, start there and build them up.
  • Keep your fitness a priority but adjust your goals. We want to focus on proper training but it is also important to remember that in these chaotic times, the “GAINZ!!!!” may be put on hold.  We won’t be setting many PRs and that is okay!  Our body’s can often use the reset and the lower intensity for a while.  This is why with Trilogy Universe, our online gym, we have a balance of classes from strength to mobility to cardio (Bonus: Still NEVER A BURPEE TO BE SEEN!!!).  Training should always be built around improving yourself and your body and in high stress times it is even more important to remember that.
  • Be kind to yourself. Know where you are and give yourself a hug and a high five.


Team Trilogy!