Your environment will dictate your success and your decisions. Now it won’t make everything happen but it tilts the scale heavily!

If you want to make sustainable change, you need to adjust your environment.

Anytime we dive into habit change, we have a bit of an uphill battle. It is possible but it takes work. Whenever we are trying to start something new, it will take more effort to start. This is called “Activation Energy”, it takes more energy to get the ball rolling than it does to keep it rolling.  It takes more work to build muscle than to maintain or to build house than to maintain a house….how many more metaphors should I mix in here?

Since we want to get this ball of habits rolling for progress, we need to make sure we set up our environment for success.

Since we want to get this ball of habits rolling for progress, we need to make sure we set up our environment for success.

In order to do this we want to set ourselves up to make the “bad” decisions harder – if we know that cookies are a trigger food…we don’t want to have easy access to our cookies. We then want to make the “good” decisions easier to make – this means setting yourself up for success and it could look like prepping your lunches ahead of time so they are portioned and ready to go. Scheduling your workouts into your calendar so they become a priority and setting your gym bag by the door.

**Side Note! There is no good or bad food, we just use this for easy understanding here. We don’t like to put a moral or judgement onto specific foods at Trilogy. Cookies are delicious, they aren’t good or bad. Just delicious.**

Making the decisions easier to make reduces your stress, frustrations and stops potential road blocks and bumps from stalling your progress.

By reducing your stress and roadblocks the momentum picks up and it becomes easier and easier for you to maintain the course you are on. Now that the environment is making the decisions easier we get to focus on what will actually make progress.  You can make easier decisions and more decisions and with a compounding effect from progress…you are INVINCIBLE! We can focus on our workouts without being distracted to really nail your squats or get more creative with your meal prep time.

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Take a look at your environment, is it set up for your success?

Is it “easy” for you to make proper decisions?

Do you have your environment set up to help encourage your decision making?

Once you get the environment set, your progress will skyrocket.