What Does Training Look Like after 2 Months Off???

We have been cooped up and doing body weight exercises with minimal access to weights.  Hopefully, you have been kicking major butt still but we haven’t had the weights.  This means we need to be smart about our return to working out in a gym.  We won’t be covering a lot of the Covid-19 safety protocols in this one (Don’t worry, that blog is coming soon!). We want to start with YOUR physical safety when it comes to working out and training. Your number one priority is to get the habit back safely and…


Most of us are going to be just like a dog being let outside for the day. They are amped and ready to go. As soon as the door opens up…BOOM!!! They go SPRINTING through the door and immediately get those zoomies out.

How to Return to Training

At Trilogy, we take a fairly conservative and simple approach to training with the constant focus on progressing and getting a little stronger and a little faster over time.  This will be even more important after not really pushing any heavy weights for months on end.

You are going to want to push more and do more. Don’t.

Be patient and play the long game, it will take time to build up to where you were pre-quarantine…even if you were consistently working out at home.

How to Return to Training

What to do:

  • Reduce your overall volume, cut your volume by about 30-40% from what you were doing before quarantine.
  • Focus on technique before load.
  • Plenty of aerobic cardio in, preferably outside! It is safe that way. Cardio cramped up and indoor isn’t ideal for these times.
  • Follow the plans and allow yourself to adapt and rebuild!!
  • Follow safe procedures at a gym. The pandemic is still ongoing be safe at all times, even in the gym follow proper safety protocols.

What NOT to do:

  • Do not race back trying to use the same weights and reps you used before your time off.
  • Do not race back into constant high intensity work. You will get back to it don’t worry but your body doesn’t need it right now.
  • Do not be impatient and short sited.

Several weeks of lower intensity work to rebuild your body is exactly what your muscles, tendons and joints need. Be smart and train accordingly.

We can’t wait to see you back in the gym!!!


Team Trilogy

Helen, Matt and Lilly

How to Return to Training