When it comes to fitness and nutrition, everybody either has the friend or is the person that jumps on and off the wagon every month with a new fad. The new diets and workouts are enticing and can be fun. They can spice things up but they can also derail progress. When progress is derailed, consistency slips and consistency is your best tool for success.

*Fun Fact* This is even us! Trainers and coaches fall off from time to time as well, after all we are human just like you and this roller coaster of on and off can be a frustrating part of the journey. Life, work and everything in between can get in the way and we lose focus on what we are trying to do.

Yes...even these stallions slip up!

Yes…even these stallions slip up!

Now on to the good stuff…

Simplicity with some hard work and a dash of consistency is going to be your magic formula for making long term healthy habits and fitness stick to you.

Simple + Effort + Consistency = MAGIC!

With improved consistency from these 2 factors you will soon be running like an Olympian and squatting like The Hulk.

Support Systems

  • Use your support systems! Support systems are all around you – you partners and spouses, family, friends, gyms…and in our case an insanely fun and welcoming gym. It is hard enough to stick with things consistently all on your own. I mean, have we mentioned how fun it is in here???

This is where your partners and friends come into play. Does your partner cook? Have them help you with your meal planning and grocery trips! Do you kick butt with consistently working out? Help your partner and entice them to join you an extra day! You aren’t in it alone, find the help and help each other along the long journey of healthy changes.

Strong support systems lift you up!

Strong support systems lift you up!

Making these changes and doing these activities with partners and friends makes it a lot more fun and the social support keeps you accountable and motivated.

Use Your Calendar and Prioritize

  • Your schedule! Raise your hand if you use a calendar for work? Now keep your hand up if you put everything else you need to prioritize in the calendar as well. When we prioritize and put it in front of us, we are more likely to keep that promise with ourselves. So use your calendar and schedule everything from walks to meal prep to grocery store runs to gym time. Making the time, making it a priority and reminding yourself is important. This will also be harder at different times in life. Some life phases it will be easy and some life phases, this will be brutal.

Go back up to the support system and let the support help you make the good habits easier.

Use your calendar and use your support systems to put yourself first and as we say at Trilogy…

Have fun. Kick Butt. Be Consistent!

Have fun. Kick Butt. Be Consistent!