We usually need to hear the same message over and over before it finally clicks.  While sometimes it isn’t exciting and hearing basic information over and over can make you feel like this…


Can anybody eye roll harder than Jen?


If you follow these reminders and focus your efforts on doing just a handful of things really consistently for a long time, you will instead feel like this…

A little more badass everyday!


  1. The basics and consistency will beat anything. Look at any top performer in any field or activity. They crush consistency and they crush the basics.
  2. The all-or-nothing mentality will completely ruin progress.
  3. You need to get stronger and train your body to handle more stress. It is the only way we can protect our bodies as we age.
  4. Diets don’t matter and diet culture is gross. You probably need to focus on eating more and consuming more balanced meals so that your body is nourished, and you don’t rely on snacks and overconsuming sporadically. Besides as a bonus, every diet works the same by doing the same thing…adjusting calories.
  5. Something will always be better than nothing. We don’t have to always have a perfect hour-long workout. Sometimes a quickie workout or a quick walk is just what you need to keep the momentum going.
  6. You have the time; it just isn’t your priority.
  7. You likely haven’t practiced long enough or are consistent enough to see if something is working.
  8. Patience is essential for success.
  9. Motivation isn’t reliable. Consistent action will improve and feed your motivation.
  10. Small habits and small daily actions create BIG results.

Lift some weights, do it well and do it often!